I am very lucky to have found Solace Infotech.. I use them on a regular basis weekly and they have been working for me about 3 weeks now. Not only do they understand exactly what is needed, they are responsive and change everything that is needed in an instant. I can highly recommend them for any work in regards of Web-Development!!

by Roland Fauster, Owner ContentCreators

Pravin and Solace Infotech had done an excellent job with my athletes portal. I was allowed to express my opinions and views and what I liked most about Pravin which you dont get quite often from a developer is that he actually came up with ideas and solution to problems before I saw or though of it. Its not often you get a ceative developer like this. Work is fantastic. Keep it up!

by Sean Van Staden, Owner and Founder of Advanced Sports Performance

It was a pleasure working with Solace Infotech. I was very impressed by their professionalism and with the quality of their work. You only need to explain your requirements once and they get it. I felt very confident that I had the right people working on my project. I highly recommend using Solace Infotech.

by Michael Racco, Founder and CEO, JustParts Inc.

I have been very pleased with the work from this team. The PM hs a good grasp of or project and has styed on top of things. He has offered suggestions whe we have run into challenges. I will use them again in the future.

by Donna Isbell, Ecomport Inc.

Solace Infotech have been an excellent company to work with. We are extremely satisfied with the quality and commitment that was shown by Pravin and his team. We would definitely recommend them for all kinds of projects. A few reasons why we would recommend Solace Infotech:
1. Delivered on time, as committed and on budget.
2. Proactively identified and highlighted risk that would impact / delay our project.
3. We felt that Solace Infotech had a sense of ownership and commitment to the project that they were working on. This lead to higher quality delivery.
4. Good Knowledge and Technical Skill set in PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Javascript, CSS,phpFox, Social Engine etc.
5. Provided regular status updates. Changes made were uploaded on a daily basis.
6. Our Project Manager – Pravin had good communication and technical skills. This ensured that our ideas / requirements were passed on to the developer and the development was in line with expectations.
7. Very Responsive and Adaptable – Even minor changes were heard out patiently and the changes were made promptly.
All in all, we had a wonderful time working with olace Technologies. We would certainly assert that if your project is awarded to olace Technologies then you can be rest assured that your project would be delivered on time, as committed and on budget.

by Russell G, iBiz Inc

Our company decided in 2011 to work with a provider of web services. After a detailed selection we decided to choose Solace Infotech.
Since one year and a half we still work with them and this is the best sign to show. We are very happy with the quality of the service they deliver and their reactivity.
Solace Infotech provide us a regular spreadsheet with the detail of all the work done. In this case there is a mutual trust and and good cooperation between our two companies.
Thank you for all the work you have already done !

by P. Woerth, Founder/CEO at New meet

Solace did an excellent job on a social engine project for us. They helped change a potential disaster situation with a client where we were running very late with a project, to a very successful relationship with a now very happy client. I would certainly recommend them for any Social Engine or PHP development work.

by Rohan Hall, Founder/CEO at Cool Mojito Inc.

Working with Solace Infotech so far has been a pleasure. The project is moving ahead exactly as they said it would be with no surprises! They understand our goal and communicate very effectively with us. All the staff is always near you. Communication wit developer is very easy and simple, kindness and very competent. Don't hesitate it's THE team for your project !!!

by Christophe Thomas

We recently had a project for a client that had to be completed in under two weeks. We appointed Solace Infotech to complete this project for us. They did an incredible job, even through there were some unforeseen changes to the template we provided. They were always willing (and very able) to make the changes we requested. We also have to recommend Sunetra on her quality work.
Solace Infotech, and Sunetra in particular, made us look good to our client and for that we cannot thank them enough. We are looking forward to making use of the services of Solace Infotech again in future.

by Eben