Top 10 jQuery plugins

Here are Top 10 jQuery plugins which will help you to save a day. 1. jQuery Mask: A jQuery Plugin to make masks on form fields and html elements. 2. moment JS – It is useful for parse, validate, manipulate and display date in javascript. 3. Sweet Alert – It is used to show[…]

PHP Mail Function

Introduction: Almost in every web application or smart phone application sending automated email by system is the common requirement. Application powered by PHP mostly has this facility. So, it’s very common and important part that must be known by developer. There are two ways in PHP to send emails. A) PHP mail() function This is[…]

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO? SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website on search engine result pages such as ‘Google’, ‘Yahoo’, and ‘Bing’ by adding the search engine friendly elements into a website like Keywords, Metadata etc. Website those are search engine friendly, getting the top[…]

Google Charts

Introduction: While working with web application some time it’s a requirement to show statistics of data in the site using charts. Which chart should show is depend on what data is available. Like if you have data of marks of students then you can use pie chart etc. Google Charts is one of the common[…]

Codeigniter Remove index.php

Introduction: While working with Codeigniter (CI Version 3.0+) after installation of it one common problem is always face by every developer that its “index.php” gets append to every URL and no one wants to be appear it. So, to solve this problem by removing index.php from URL to make it working for parent as well[…]

PayPal Payments Standard Form and IPN

Introduction: Many times in the website or application we need to process payment without doing much processing or steps for it. To achieve this goal we can use PayPal Payments Standard Form. It’s a HTML form with hidden fields for holding values and to display single button to do payment. When someone clicks a payment[…]

WordPress Hooks

WordPress hooks are, triggers that allow users to, modify areas like WordPress theme or plugin, or add some custom code to the various parts of WordPress without modifying original files. In general Hooks are divided into Action and Filter hooks. Action hooks allow to modify wordpress data i.e. content of pages, post etc and Filter[…]